Alley Picking is an ongoing project which aims to observe and document the rapidly disappearing mid-western alleyway.

As suburban development continues to flourish, modern fashion dictates the construction of alley-less subdivisions consisting of identical houses covered in identical siding, with scrawny, identical saplings sitting on identical sod-covered lawns, and identical attached, street-facing garages filled with identical brown, plastic garbage bins waiting to be wheeled down to the curbside on the evening prior to collection day.

We at Alley Picking remember fondly a time when heavy steel burn barrels sat year-round beside alley-facing garages and nightly spewed forth the smoke of the day's refuse. We mean to celebrate the junk collector whose dingy, rusted pickup truck stirred up a billowing cloud of gravel-dust as he drove up and down the alleys searching for another man's treasure. We see beauty in the individuality expressed by the lowly trash heap. We recognize respectfully the years of selfless service provided by that worn out yellow armchair which never asked for thanks...and we hope you do too.

This project is being developed in association with Captive Werewolf